Blog of the day once again

Blog of the day once again (Photo credit: the Italian voice)

Who writes this blog and what is their background?

Maria Esposito, a medical writer since 2005, creates these posts based on research from peer review medical journals.

How can you contact her?

Her email address is mar19511@live.com.

What is the name of the blog’s theme and where can it be found?

The theme is called Chaotic Soul and is one of the those offered by WordPress when you blog on that platform.

The background of the posts appears black, is that how they are supposed to look?

Yes, black is the primary color associated with the Chaotic Soul theme.

How did the blog get its look?

The blog’s look was developed using the basic framework of the theme (background color, color of the lettering, and font style) and adding photographs that are available as an option through WordPress. The posts themselves are written so that they are interactive, meaning the reader can select to get background information while they are reading the post, or after they have completed it. It was a matter of taking available resources and using them in a way that branded the blog as the work of Maria Esposito. It was also designed to be easy to read and understand.

Does it take a lot of time to write this blog?

There is some committment of time because it is updated daily (with an occasional exception) and there is research involved to find studies that pertain to the blog’s theme of using food as a natural way to maintain wellness and manage medical conditions.


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