Stressed by PMS? Get Some Iron and Zinc in Your Diet

English: Zinc

English: Zinc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts have found that women who have an intake of 50 milligrams of nonheme iron daily were almost 40 percent less likely less to develop PMS. Exactly what is nonheme iron? It’s the kind of iron that is found in vegetables, grains and legumes like lentils and beans. It is the opposite of heme iron, which is found in red meat, fish and poultry. An intake of 25 milligrams or more daily of zinc from supplements was also found to make women approximately 30 percent less likely to develop PMS.

These researchers based these findings on a sub-study that was part of the Nurses’ Health Study II (1991–2001). Participants didn’t have PMS at the beginning of the study. “After 10 years, 1,057 women were confirmed as PMS cases and 1,968 as controls. Mineral intake was assessed using food frequency questionnaires completed in 1991, 1995, and 1999.”

In addition to the discoveries about iron and zinc, it was found that women with the highest levels of potassium intake were 46 percent more likely to develop PMS.

The researchers stressed that additional studies are needed to confirm these results.



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