The New Equation For Restaurant Success – Flavor+Nutrition=Profits

A Chinese buffet restaurant in the United Stat...

A Chinese buffet restaurant in the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A report titled Lower-Calorie Foods: It’s Just Good Business, released by the Hudson Institute demonstrates that restaurant chains that include a good selection of lower-calorie foods and beverages have fatter bottom lines than those that don’t. The analysis spanned the period between 2006 – 2011 and evaluated the business growth of 21 major restaurant chains in the U.S. The researchers found that low-calorie menu options resulted in ” better sales growth, larger increases in customer traffic, and stronger gains in total food and beverage servings than chains whose servings of lower-calorie options declined”.

Here’s the breakdown of the comparison between restaurants with a wide selection of low-calorie options and those without:

  • a 5.5 percent increase in same-store sales, compared with a 5.5 percent decline among chains selling fewer lower-calorie servings;
  • a 10.9 percent growth in customer traffic, compared with a 14.7 percent decline; and
  • an 8.9 percent increase in total food and beverage servings, compared with a 16.3 percent decrease

The researchers classified a main course item as lower-calorie if it contained no more than 500 calories. Low-calorie beverages contained 50 or fewer calories per eight ounces, and side dishes, appetizers, and desserts had to contain 150 or fewer calories to be deemed low-calorie.


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