The Secret to Keeping Your Kids in a Better Mood Is Feeding Them Lots of Fruit and Vegetables


fruit (Photo credit: karen H. nickname.{ pooh})

Do you look at your kids when they’re giving you a hard time and wonder how you can get them to change their mood? If you answered “yes”, then you need to start by evaluating their diet.

Researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand have found that increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables your kids eat will keep them  calmer, happier and more energetic. They made this discovery by evaluating the daily food diaries of 281 young adults whose average age was 20 years old. They also had demographic information for each participant, such as gender, ethnicity, as well as weight and height.

On each day of the three-week testing period, participants wrote what foods they ate in their diary. They were also asked to describe how they felt using nine positive and nine negative adjectives. The final part of this testing included answering questions about the number of servings of fruit and vegetables they had eaten, and whether they had eaten cookies, potato chips, and cakes/muffins.

According to the University press release, “The results showed a strong day-to-day relationship between more positive mood and higher fruit and vegetable consumption, but not other foods.”


~ by chasm63 on January 24, 2013.

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