A Tasty Way to Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check


Gazpacho (Photo credit: avlxyz)

Gazpacho is the latest food to have been identified to have properties that manage a medical condition. Researchers from the Department of Nutrition and Bromatology of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus of the University of Barcelona have demonstrated that regular consumption of this soup can control high blood pressure.

Alexander Medina-Remón, the main author of the study, made the following quote:

“Previous clinical and epidemiological studies associate the consumption of gazpacho’s main ingredients with an arterial pressure reduction. This new scientific study states for the first time that a regular consumption of gazpacho is as beneficial as the consumption of its ingredients individually; so gazpacho can reduce hypertension.”

If you aren’t familiar with gazpacho, it is a soup that originated in Spain that contains ingredients that include tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, onions, bell pepper and garlic. It is typically served cold.

The researchers wanted to evaluate whether eating gazpacho is associated with lower blood pressure and/or the reduction of high blood pressure in individuals at significant cardiovascular risk. To accomplish this, they analyzed 3,995 men and women identified as having cardiovascular risk factors. Eighty-one percent of these study participants had high blood pressure.

Here’s what they found:

  • Moderate gazpacho consumption was associated with a reduction in the average systolic blood pressure of -1.9 mm Hg and a reduction in the average diastolic blood pressure of -1.5 mm Hg (click here for explanation of blood pressure reading)
  • High gazpacho consumption was associated with a reduction in the average systolic blood pressure of  −2.6 mm Hg and reduction in the average diastolic blood pressure of  −1.9 mm Hg
  • Gazpacho consumption was associated with a lower prevalence of high blood pressure, with an 85 percent reduction for each 250 grams per week increase in consumption for moderate consumers and a 73 percent reduction for each 250 grams per week increase in consumption for high consumers

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