Increasing Carotenoid Intake May Protect Against Breast Cancer

English: pink ribbon

English: pink ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carotenoids are the red, yellow and orange pigments in plants that help with photosynthesis. In humans, carotenoids act as antioxidants. Researchers from the Channing Division of Network Medicine, Department of Medicine, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School also believe that carotenoids protect against breast cancer, especially estrogen receptor–negative breast cancer.

They performed an analysis of eight studies, which contained about 80 percent of all of the published data on carotenoids and breast cancer. The analysis included 3,055 study participants and 3,956 matched controls.

The researchers found that in more than 3,000 participants, there was a significant association between high levels of individual and total carotenoids and reduced breast cancer risk, especially in instances of estrogen receptor–negative breast cancer. There was also some evidence that carotenoids slowed the  growth of estrogen receptor–positive breast cancers, leading to their conclusion that, “A diet high in carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables offers many health benefits, including a possible reduced risk of breast cancer.”


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