Could Your Glass of Milk Soon be a Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait

A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of you fish haters may want to pay close attention to this recent development. Food science researchers at Virginia Tech have found a way to incorporate fish oil into milk in large enough amounts to aid heart health, but without changing milk’s taste or lifespan.

And there won’t be any fishy smell either, according to Susan E. Duncan, professor of food science and technology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The food scientists conducted a study in which they had 25 volunteers compare one-ounce cups of 2 percent milk with samples of skim milk containing 78 parts butter oil to 22 parts fish oil, and none of the participants could detect any smell of fish.

The winning formulation of omega-3 infused milk provided 432 milligrams of fatty acids per cup. This is almost the total amount of 500 milligram daily that is recommended by numerous studies to maintain heart health.

Now it’s up to the Dairy Industry to follow-up according to Professor Duncan, “I think the dairy industry can look at our study and determine whether it is plausible to modify its products. I would like to help people who love milk, yogurt, and dairy, which have intrinsic nutritional value, address an additional need in their diets, especially if they don’t like to eat fish or can’t afford it. One of these dairy servings a day apparently is enough to sustain enough continuous omega-3 to benefit heart health.”


~ by chasm63 on November 30, 2012.

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