Postpartum Depression Linked to Low Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

omega 3 fatty acids

omega 3 fatty acids (Photo credit: malloreigh)

A Canadian study examining the reasons for postpartum depression noted that “women are at the highest risk of depression during their childbearing years”. The researchers added that postpartum depression not only affects the mother’s health, but the child’s development as well.

To find the possible causes, the researchers chose to do a review of current literature concerning the condition. They used databases of medical studies to find possible articles that would be included in the review. They also found additional articles to include by examining the reference list of selected articles. Ultimately, they identified 75 articles relevant to their review.

They found that there was “accumulating evidence” that low levels of omega-3 fatty acids were associated with the onset of postpartum depression. However, they also added that further studies were necessary to confirm the link between the two.

While the study couldn’t confirm the cause and effect relationship, it was important for the following reasons:

  1. In the U.S., most people do not consume enough omega-3 fatty acids
  2. “Because omega-3 is transferred from the mother to her fetus and later to her breastfeeding infant, maternal omega-3 levels decrease during pregnancy, and remain lowered for at least six-weeks following the birth.”

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