Want to Stick to Your Diet? Eat Carbs at Dinner.

friday night dinner

friday night dinner (Photo credit: petit hiboux)

You’ve got an obesity problem and weight loss is a medical necessity. Trouble is, you’ve tried dieting before, but you could never go the distance; so what do you do? Researchers from Hebrew University of Jerusalem say eat your carbs at dinner time and you will feel fuller longer, which will help you stick to your diet and by extension, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

These researchers analyzed 78 police officers with a BMI greater than 30 who were randomly assigned to either eating carbohydrates at dinner, or eating carbs the entire day. The trial lasted for 6 months. Sixty-three participants completed the program. On days 0, 7, 90 and 180, blood samples and hunger scores were gathered every 4 hours. Hormonal profiles were available for 39 of the participants.

The scientists examined the two diets’ effect on three specific hormones:

  • leptin – the hormone that makes you feel satisfied, whose level is low during the day and high during the night
  • ghrelin – the hormone that makes you feel hungry, whose level is high during the day and low during the night
  • adiponectin – the link between obesity, insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome, whose level is low in obese people

The diet in which the participants concentrated carbs in the evening meal created a favorable effect causing:

  • leptin levels to increase during the day and decreasing to the lowest point late day
  • ghrelin levels to decrease during the day and peak during the evening hours
  • adiponectin levels were increased’

Other important outcomes of this diet pattern included:

  • lower hunger scores
  • better weight, abdominal circumference and body fat
  • lower blood sugar and blood fats levels

~ by chasm63 on November 12, 2012.

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