Researchers Study New Way to Make White Sauce Gluten-Free

#3 Flour & friends

#3 Flour & friends (Photo credit: mrlins)

The Celiac Disease Foundation defines the disease as autoimmune, meaning it is a condition in which the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body because it mistakes them for substances like bacteria, viruses, etc, which are known as antigens. People with celiac disease are sensitive to gluten.

While eating gluten-free products is a necessity for these individuals, it doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice enjoying their meals. In addition, many healthy people are looking for ready-to-eat gluten-free products because they believe that it will help them maintain their health. These are two factors are influencing food scientists to look at traditional products containing wheat to see how they can be transformed into gluten-free items that have the same texture and taste as the original.

Bechamel, or white sauce, is what chefs refer to as a “mother sauce” of French cuisine. It is a basic sauce that is made by creating a roux (a thickening agent) from combining flour with a fat like butter, or sometimes oil, and adding milk. The only other ingredients are salt, white pepper and possibly nutmeg. The reason it is called a mother sauce is because other sauces can be made from it. It also has many applications in its basic form. The problem with white sauce is that the flour used in the roux contains gluten.

Researchers have created a new type of white sauce that substitutes soy protein for milk and gluten-free corn/rice flour for wheat flour. They also used inulin, a type of natural plant sugar, as a substitute for the fat. The result is a sauce that has a more stable structure than the original with a taste and color that is very similar. The sauce can be used in the preparation of vegetarian dishes, and meals for celiac patients and those who are lactose-intolerant.


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