The Way You Eat May Change Your Brain So That You Stay Fat

MRI scan with hippocampus indicated

MRI scan with hippocampus indicated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You keep saying how you can’t lose weight; maybe it’s because you are sabotaging yourself. According to a group of researchers at American University, if you eat a diet rich in refined sugar and saturated fat, you may be teaching the part of your brain known as the hippocampus, which controls learning and memory, to keep on eating that way.

These researchers conducted a study using rats who were restricted in their ability to eat low-fat lab food. The animals were trained using a situation that tested their learning and memory abilities and one that did not. Once they were trained, the rats were divided into  one group that had unlimited access to the low-fat lab food, and one that had unlimited access to high calorie food that was rich in the type of fat found in meat and cheese.

All of the rats were once again given the training situations. The rats who were obese from the high calorie diet performed much worse than the rats on the low carb diet when it came to the problem designed to test learning and memory. All of the rats performed the same when it came to the non-learning/memory problem.

The researchers analyzed all of the rats’ blood-brain barriers. These structures maintain control over what actually reaches the brain. What they discovered is that the blood-brain barriers in the obese rats weren’t functioning correctly and they permitted a significant amount of dye that normally can’t gain access into the hippocampus to get inside. This was not true of the blood-brain barriers of the non-obese rats. The rats with the functioning blood-brain barriers ate less of the high calories diet than the rats with the impaired blood-brain barriers.


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